Monica Titus

 Mercer University
B.A. in Music & Theater
Orlando, FL

About Me

Hi friend! My name is Monica, and I am a Performer, Costumer, Writer, and a Maker of Many Things. I live in delightfully swampy and secretly quirky Orlando, Florida, and I think I may be obsessed with creativity.

I’ve always been an artsy-fartsy, book worm of a human. I’ve drawn, painted, sewn, sung, and written stories ever since I was a little kid with home-cut bangs, wearing clothes my grandma made me. Not that much has changed. I still write, sew, draw, paint, sing, play, pretend, and make things. Read more about me.

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In need of some help with Costuming, Clothing, Styling, or Content? I make and sell custom clothing, provide styling services, and am a costume designer. I also work as a Content Manager and provide copywriting for all kinds of needs. Check out my services, and I’ll make it happen for you!

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· August 27, 2020 · ③ Min Read

The most common reason I hear friends say that they don’t enjoy thrifting is that it can be overwhelming, and difficult to find things they like. Read More

· September 19, 2020 · ③ Min Read

I am going to teach myself as much as I can about UX Design and UX Writing. I’ve actually started already. My friend, mentor, and partner in crime Giorgia Cifani… Read More

· September 20, 2020 · ⑤ Min Read

Costuming a play or musical, I start by developing a concept. Sometimes it’s pretty straight-forward, and other times not so much. The concept starts with the text, and… Read More