I am going to teach myself as much as I can about UX Design and UX Writing.

I’ve actually started already. My friend, mentor, and partner in crime Giorgia Cifani actually started me down this path nearly a year ago now. 

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Giorgia and I met in the Theater and I’ve been writing and crafting internet content for her since 2015. As Theater people, designers, and empathizers ourselves, our UX journey started before we even really knew what UX was. We both have an innate ability and interest in stepping into the user’s shoes, and really imagining and understanding their struggles. 

This is my public confession and commitment to teaching myself everything I can about UX and UX writing.

I’m an avid note taker and scribbler, and I’m going to document my journey here. From coping down and familiarizing myself with basic definitions, concepts, and procedures, to crafting my own mock projects I’m going to dive into the deep end.  

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Is UX Writing for me?

While I know this is a role that I would definitely excel in naturally, I’ve honestly been a bit nervous, perhaps even fearful about taking the plunge. However, I’m a self-professed “give me a challenge and I won’t back down until I’ve figured it out” kind of gal. AND I’m a big nerd when it comes to teaching myself new things.

So, I did what I always do and went on a research exploration. What does it take to be a UX Writer? Is it really a good fit for me? What will people think about my past work experience? 

So, in the face of the daunting questions, I did what I always do and jumped into some research … and found a great article at CareerFoundry detailing exactly what it is that a UX Writer does. I read through, and borrowed their list of qualifications so that I could detail to myself why it IS a great path for me.

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How I learned that UX Writing IS For Me

A Designer’s Mindset

I already work as a costume designer, and I know it is not all about aesthetic. The garments have to fit, function, and tell the script and character’s story. I already know how to work and collaborate as part of a creative team, and I LOVE it. I know how to listen to a director, take direction, and make necessary changes and edits. 

Active Listening 

I’ve worked in food and beverage for way too many years, and I’ve been a bartender for about five or so of those. Talk about active listening. I know how to listen, and talk to anyone, and I know how to find and make them exactly what they want. Bartending is all about listening and getting to know people, understanding their problems, and delivering. Not everyone knows what they want when they walk in, and it’s my job to figure it out and deliver the perfect craft beer or cocktail. 

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Interpersonal Relationships

Both my work in Theater and as a part of the Giotto Studios team have definitely given me experience between team members and stakeholders. I know how to manage and communicate with clients, understand their needs, and deliver. In the Theater I work and manage relationships with the Production Manager, Director, Scenic and Lighting Designers, Stage Manager, Actors and Artistic and Executive Directors. Interpersonal communication and relationships are a daily must have. 

Constant Learner

I love learning new things, and I adore research. I’m an obsessive note-taker and deep-dive aficionado. All of my jobs require me to be constantly learning new skills, and keep me in a constant research cycle. I’m a Ravenclaw through and through, and problem solving is my jam. 

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The Journey Begins

So begins my journey into becoming a UX Writer! I’m thrilled to learn all I can, and become a better writer, and creator, and better help people and product designers down the road. Feel free to follow along, and learn with me! There are so many tools, blogs, and amazing sites with tons of information on the UX design process, and I can’t wait to share what I learn. 🙂

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