About Me

Hi friend! My name is Monica, and I am a Performer, Costumer, Writer, and a Maker of Many Things. I live in delightfully swampy and secretly quirky Orlando, Florida, and I think I may be obsessed with creativity.

I’ve always been an artsy-fartsy, book worm of a human. I’ve drawn, painted, sewn, sung, and written stories ever since I was a little kid with home-cut bangs, wearing clothes my grandma made me. Not that much has changed. I still write, sew, draw, paint, sing, play, pretend, and make things.

As a writer, I like to strike a balance between creativity and storytelling and research and precision. I love connecting with other humans and making an impact. I love the craft of writing – whether it’s poetry, plays, or product descriptions. You name it, I’ll write it.

As a performer, I wouldn’t say I like to box myself in either. I’m here for straight-plays, comedies, dramas, and musicals from R&H to Sondheim. I love language and dialect and live for diving into the text of a script or song.

As a costume designer, I enjoy the process of mining the text, getting into the character’s head, and creating renderings. I’m obsessed with clothes and will spend hours finding the perfect item (whether in a stock room, a thrift store, or on Amazon). I grew up around sewing and grew into it myself as well.

As a human that loves one-of-a-kind clothing, I spend much of my spare time thrifting, sewing, and upcycling. I daydream about rhinestone collars, punked-out denim jackets, and hand-embroidered everything. I love little details, and the slow evolution of an item changed one small addition at a time.

I wear many hats (both literally and figuratively), and I like it that way. It’s how I’ve always been, and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. Writing, designing, sewing, performing – they all draw on my creativity, problem-solving skills, empathy, inner child, and obsession with storytelling.

Monica Titus

The 411

 Mercer University
B.A. in Music & Theater
Orlando, FL
 Musicals & Theater
4th Generation Needleworker
Journaling Since 1996
Fueled by Creativity & Café Bustelo
Problem Solver Extraordinaire
Thrift Queen