Project Overview

Neighbors: A Fair Trade Agreement is probably the most challenging, creative, and rewarding show I’ve worked on to date. There is a certain child like simplicity in the pallet and silhouette yes, but this show has a lot of surprises up its sleeves (as do its costumes). This two-clown show calls for quick changes, a stylized aesthetic, extreme physical demands, soaking wet actors, and (spoiler alert) blood, guts, and a massive “food fight.”


The Studio Theatre – Tierra del Sol

Directed By:

Nathaniel Niemi


  • Stylized Aesthetic
  • Quick Changes
  • Physical Demands
  • Use of Liquids & Paints


  • Exaggerated Palette & Silhouette
  • Quick Change Rehearsals
  • Designed for Movement
  • Doubled Costumes


  • Pattern Design & Drafting
  • Hand Stitching & Alteration
  • Stenciling & Fabric Painting
  • Amazon & Thrift Shopping

Monica Titus’s costumes also have plenty to say about their wearers — and take a turn for the fun at play’s end when all heck breaks loose in the fanciful finale.
– Review by Matt Palm, Orlando Sentinel


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