Project Overview

Stop Kiss is a cinematic style play that jumps time and place every other scene. It was a delight to design and curate 90’s fashions that felt loved, and handpicked by the characters. However, it was also a challenge to plot and execute the many costume changes. I spent a huge amount of time and effort designing Callie’s costumes to transition as seamlessly as possible, and painstakingly rendered each change in the show.


The Studio Theatre – Tierra del Sol

Directed By:

Roberta Emerson


  • Cinematic Style Storytelling
  • Numerous Quick Changes
  • Period Aesthetic


  • Extensive Quick Change Plots
  • Quick Change Rehearsals
  • Research, Research, Research


  • Quick Change Rigging
  • Fabric Painting & Distressing
  • Amazon & Thrift Shopping


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